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On our completion of a 1 week lockdown in Austria, I reflect on the last day we could walk freely at Ashley and Julien’s beautiful wedding in Mödling, Vienna. We now continue our 2nd week of lockdown and this will last until April 13th. While 1 whole month of lockdown is our unfortunate reality, Austria has made a lot of improvements! It has been reported that in only 1 week on lockdown, Austria has gone from 40% increase of the Coronavirus cases, to now only 22%. Last week, we had abnormally gorgeous weather for March, which made it harder to stay in. Even with this, Austrians did quite well in adhering to these new restrictions. Next week, snow is in the forecast, so hopefully that will make it more attractive for people to stay home.

Remember, if you stay home: you allow me to get back to normal life and if I stay home, I allow you to get back to normal life! We are all in this together…the whole world!