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While I am still waiting to return to the stage, I am very happy to announce that I have been nominated for a Liberecká Thálie Award for my Donna Elvira in Don Giovanni with the Liberec State Opera (Divadlo F. X. Liberec) in the the Czech Republic. Please vote for me in just 4 clicks:
2. Opera
3. Algozzini Lisa
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Thank you for your support!! 💕💕

Donna Anna ~ Don Giovanni


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My role debut as Donna Anna with Adrián Berthely as Don Ottavio in Mozart’s Don Giovanni in Vienna: July 2017. Click here for media from the show.

I will return to Don Giovanni at the Divadlo F. X. Šaldy Liberec (State Opera Liberec) in Czechia🇨🇿 in the fall, but this time as Donna Elvira:
September 19 / October 22 / November 25, 2020

Cancelations and New Schedule


Artists are facing a very difficult time due to this virus. After receiving another cancelation for August, I now present to you my current schedule for 2020, with the majority of my shows canceled:

Donna Elvira / Don Giovanni / Liberec State Opera / Czech Republic / March 25 – September 9 / CANCELED

Marzelline / Fidelio / Moving Beethoven / Austria / June – July / CANCELED

-Guest Soloist / Festiwal Jana Kiepury Krynica-Zdrój / Poland / August 8 / CANCELED

Donna Elvira / Don Giovanni / Liberec State Opera / Czech Republic / September 19 / October 22 / November 25

Chloe Ting’s 25 Day Hourglass Challenge



Today I finally have motivation to start to commit to a workout program. I know I’m a little late to the game, since most people started this during the quarantine…but better late than never. My quarantine time was spent on a lot of self reflection over my past 2 months in an intense rehearsal period as Donna Elvira as well as solidifying my vocal technique (where I actually made a ton of progress, as my neighbors can attest…lol).

I’ve committed to the new Instagram craze, the Chloe Ting’s 25 Day Hourglass Challenge with free 10-50min daily workouts. The results from fellow Instagramers is impressive, so definitely worth a try! On Day 1, my first impression is: I like it! Today’s workouts were Tiny Waist Round Butt (which was a very “doable” with room to challenge yourself) as well as the 10min Abs in 2 Weeks – also another Instagram challenge (which was really challenging and definitely pushed me). I have done Shaun T’s Insanity in the past, but I found I had to be super motivated to be jumping around 45min. I prefer Chloe’s workout for more of a daily workout that I can commit to even past the 25 days. It’s easier on the joints since (so far) everything is done is done on your back or in a plank position. It’s focus is on sculpting muscle tone. I am combining Chloe’s workout program with intermittent fasting (fasting everyday for 18ht, between 6pm – 12pm) in addition to my healthy weekly meal prep. Click here to follow the workout!

Back to normal



Ok, this is strange…since the lockdown finished, I still have had no urge to go shopping! The lockdown has conditioned me to get into a whole new routine of doing things at home, that now I find myself rarely going out, even when I’m allowed to. Today, the whether was nice, so I ventured out back to my reality…a reality where I shop! I spent the entire day at my favorite shops on Mariahilferstraße, but I only bought one item (which is also quite typical for me). See, it was quite easy to get back to reality! 😉

So this was my only purchase from Mango: a burgundy mini shift dress with ruffled sleeves and hemline. The material is very stretchy so it fits more like a bodycon dress and runs big, but also short. Click here for more information.

Meal Prep: Week #1


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This week I’m trying meal prepping! I just recycled some pickle jars, which seem to be the perfect portion size for meals.

What’s on the menu:

On a baking sheet, chop vegetables and toss with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic. Roast on 410°F / 210°C for 20 minutes. This time I roasted: Pork (whole steak) / Bell peppers / Cauliflower (my favorite vegetable to roast) / Onions (adds great flavor) / Radishes (surprisingly like potatoes) / Zucchini
*any vegtable will work, so just clean out your fridge

Steamed green beans

Lentils (can) / Chick peas (can) / Kidney beans (can)

Raw fruits and vegtables:
Apples / Avocado / Broccoli / Lettuce / Cucumber / Onions / Strawberries

Eggs (hard boiled) / Cheese / Cumin powder / Teriyaki sauce / Tortillas / Tuna fish (can, olive oil) / Yogurt (plain)

Breakfast: Nothing, intermittent fasting

Snack options:
Hummus and vegetable
Beans and fruit/vegetable
Yogurt with fruit/vegetable
Egg (hard boiled) abd fruit/vegtable

Lunch / Dinner options:

Stir fry: roasted vegetable mixture, pork, green beans, lentils and teriyaki sauce (upon serving)

Burrito: roasted vegetable mixture, pork, tomatoes, kidney beans, cheese and cumin powder (upon serving)

Salad: tomato (or apple), cucumber, onions, broccoli and canned tuna with oil (or egg) and balsamic vinegar (last 2 ingredients, upon serving)

Coffee / Latte / Tea / Water with lemon and apple cider vinegar (I like it since it replaces carbonated drinks for me, personally)